Pachaina Milos

Pachaina is a beautiful beachside settlement and tranquil tourist resort on the north coast of Milos Island. Pachaina is accessible about 7km. from Adamas and 3 km. west of Pollonia off the Adamas-Pollonia road. Pachaina (pron. PAH-heh-nah) features a beautiful sandy beach with a number of tamarisk trees providing shade in the hot summer days, a couple of syrmata structures, a few private residences, and plenty of parking.
Pachaina beach, Milos

Pachaina Accommodation

There are several accommodation properties in Pachaina, Milos. Rooms, apartments and studios as well as a 3-star hotel can be found within walking distance from Pachaina beach. Since there are no mini-markets, bakeries or news stands in Pachaina, visitors will most likely opt to rent transportation to get to other sites or beaches in Milos, or to go shopping in Pollonia, Triovasalos and Adamas. There is a bus stop about 300m. from Pachaina beach on the Adamas-Pollonia road. Buses connect Pachaina to Adamas, Pollonia, and the upper villages of Milos such as Plaka and Triovasalos.
Cove at Pachaina beach, Milos

Pachaina Beach

In addition to the main beach of Pachaina, there is a remote rocky beach a little further west. East of Pachaina beach, a small cove overlooks the areas of Papafrangas and Kapros. Pachaina is also very close to the neolithic settlement of Phylakopi, where excavations unearthed a 5,000 year old civilization. The uninhabited Glaronisia islets are within half a mile off the coast of Pachaina.
Pachaina beach, Milos 2

Pachaina Map

Pachaina is located on the north coast of Milos. This website features the spelling of Pachaina as it appears on Google Maps. On municipal road signs and documents Pachaina is spelled as Pachena. Alternate spellings include Pahaina and Pahena.
Pachena, Milos - Map

Pachaina, Milos

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